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The Serpent Goddess promotes trance and dream time, the sources of transformation. The energy exuded by the snakes of this Cretan maiden exemplify sexuality, regeneration, and the mysterious otherworld of spirit journeying. Note her far-seeing gaze and enigmatic inward smile.


This delicate Serpent Goddess was discovered in the underground repository of the Second Palace of Knossos (1600 BCE] and was worshiped in Crete as early as 6000 BCE. She depicts the benevolence and sacred power of the Life Force, holding high the two serpents of immortality. The tiny panther on her headdress may connect the goddess to the fertility rites of the wine god Dionysos or denote an altered state of consciousness. (See Ariadne.)


[Archeological Museum of "Crete," 2000-1800 BCE]

9" resin statue, handpainted

Serpent Goddess of Crete Statue

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