Saturn: Of Dissolution & Development - 5 Part Class Series with Sasha Ravitch

Saturn: Of Dissolution & Development - 5 Part Class Series with Sasha Ravitch


This bundle of five, 90 minute long classes, helps students develop a foundational knowlege of the planet Saturn, aka the Greater Malefic, and, his magical and mytho-poetic role in Astrology, his role in your natal chart, his influence as a transiting planet, and both ceremonial and mundane ways of working with him.


Class One: On Fate's Great Mason - 

This first class focuses on understanding Saturn's role within the cosmology of the gods and their influence on earth. We additionally explore his reputation in the Ancient, Medieval, Vedic & Evolutionary Astrology traditions. This class will also emphasize:

*Saturn as Roman God,  and the gods of other cultures who were assigned Saturn's role.

*Saturn's auspices, archetypes, angels and accoutrements as found in a multitude of grimoires

*Writings by Lilly, Agrippa, Culpepper, Aslesha, Paracelcus, Dorotheus of Sidon, Rudhyar, Greene, Coppock and more

*The benefits and boundaries of working with the Greater Malefic, why he has that title, and whether he is your more problematic planet based on sect.


Class Two: In Every Dreamhome A Heartache - 

This class looks at Saturn's significations by house, exploring what it means when he occupies angular, succedent, and cadent houses, how powerful or hindered he might be as a result of that, and other conditioning details

*A concise and simple exploration of the signifacations of all 12 houses

*An exploration of how Saturn is shaped by, and shapes, the house he falls upon

*The concept of angular, succedent, and cadent houses, and what it means for Saturn's essential or accidental dignity

*Identifying the Lord of the House which Saturn falls in, and what that means for Saturn in the chart


Class Three: The Retinue - 

This class focuses on Saturn's significations by sign: we will make note of his essential dignity by sign, and how the twelve zodiacal signs influence him, and vice versa.

*Easy techniques for remembering Saturn's signs of rulership, detriment, fall and exaltation

*The critical degrees for Saturn in each sign, which could futher exacerbate his influence

*Who Saturn becomes when influenced by the character-organization of the sign he occupies

*Which virtues and vices get fed or starved by him occupying whichever sign he is in


Class Four: A Touch of Lead - 

This class investigates Saturn's significations by aspect, in particular: how conjunctions, squares, oppositions, trines and sextiles with other planets, fixed stars, and the nodes, can manifest within the nativity and by transit. The fourth class also discusses Saturn Return and Saturn as Time-Lord

*Themes and trends associated with Saturn conjunct/conjoined, opposing, squaring, sextiling