Many are familiar with the divination systems of Norse Runes & Hebrew Gematria, but surprisingly the Greek system of Alpha-Numeric Gnosis had been all but lost. From Greco-Egyptian Papyri, Gnostic & Biblical (New Testament) sources, this system was well-used and understood in the Ancient World. Known as Isopsephia (lit. "equal pebble"), the people of the Mediterranean used this system for mystical exploration of the depths of the soul, to simple, coded graffiti etched into places such as the Hagia Sophia in Turkey.

In this workshop, Justice will present practical understanding & application of techniques of divination & numerology, as well as how to work the sounds & shapes of the Alphabet in ritual & talismanic workings. Handouts with references will be provided!

This class takes place June 29th, 7:00pm at The Cauldron Black, 65 Wharf St Salem, MA 01970. Tickets are $20 per-person. To reserve your spot in class, call (978)-744-2492, visit the shop in-person, or online at Doors will close no later than 7:10pm, so please arrive early or risk forfeiting your spot to guests on our waiting list. No Refunds Available Under Any Circumstances.

Sat. 6/29/19 7pm Isopsephia: An Intro to the Greek Qabalah w/Justice the Wizard


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