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San Gertrudis Retablo Patroness of Teachers, Educators, Students, Travelers and Mystics

Born in Saxony, Germany in 1356 AD. She was placed with cloistered nuns at the age of five and remained there her entire life. She had her first mystical experience at the age of 26. Christ appeared to her, and said that she was too focused on her studies and not focused enough on the spirit. She became devoted to the Sacred Heart of Christ. In her writings she speaks of the humanity of Christ. After her death it is said a host of souls were released from purgatory and accompanied her into heaven.

"St. Gertrude you are a woman of great example both for your intellect and your heart. With joy and compassion may I meet my students' needs so that their minds and hearts are inspired and enriched."

Measures - 1 1/2" x 3"

San Gertrudis -Teachers, Educators, Students & Travelers -Retablo - Pocket Saint

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