Join us for an in-depth and hands-on exploration of the of the history and techniques of candle magic. In this workshop we will discuss proper approaches to carving, dressing, and blessing candles for magical work. In addition, we will discuss various forms of candles and their proper uses, color symbolism, the uses of herbs and oils, proper timing for candle burning rituals, and creating a candle burning altar, including advanced forms of multi-candle layouts to give your spellwork the best results. Each participant will also be able to dress and prepare a candle to take home with them. Class is from 7pm-8:00pm


About the presenters:


Matthew Venus is an artist, witch, writer, and magical apothecary. He is the owner and curator of Spiritus Arcanum, an occult shop which focuses upon quality and handcrafted magical tools and formulas.


Justice the Wizard is a reader, spirit-worker, and craftsman at The Cauldron Black, and can usually be found in his "Wizard Workshop" at the store. He is currently apprenticing under Matthew Venus and Spiritus Arcanum.

Sacred Flame: Candle Magic, Matthew Venus & Justice the Wizard,Sat. May 26th


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