A 'double action' candle in the traditional hoodoo practise; this candle combined two potent energies into one magical candle!

Individually hand made with care to firstly clear away any blockages and to open the road to abundance and prosperity- creating a clear path for the energy you are seeking to draw into your life to come to you. Secondly, the candle is made and charged to be a beacon to attract wealth and abundance to you.

Made with a natural cotton wick, soy wax and pure essential oils, blended for maximum effect. Burn time is approximately 72-90 hours. You can light it as part of a larger ritual or spell, or simply use it on its own! Candle magic is some of the oldest, simplest and most effective forms of spell craft.


Measures 4.5" x 2.5"

Road to Riches Candle


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