A 'double action' candle in the traditional hoodoo practise; this candle combined two potent energies into one magical candle!

Reversing candles have many uses- you can use them to reverse a spell that has been cast against you, or a piece of magic you have done that you wish to undo. You can use them to turn around a tide of energy in your life that isn't working for you, to send negativity that is directed to you back to the sender, and to help remove a run of bad luck in your life and to replace what has been reversed with healthy, positive energy!

Individually hand made with care to firstly clear away and reverse the energy that you don't want in your life any more. Secondly, the candle is made and charged to release blessings, positive energy and spiritual protection for you.

Made with a natural cotton wick, soy wax and pure essential oils, blended for maximum effect. Burn time is approximately 72-90 hours. You can light it as part of a larger ritual or spell, or simply use it on its own! Candle magic is some of the oldest, simplest and most effective forms of spell craft.


Measures 4.5" x 2.5"

Reversing Candle


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