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Copper electroformed Luna Moth adorned with Rainbow Moonstone complete on a 16" soldered copper chain. A green patina has been added to the copper.

Known as the green summer ghost, the Luna moth’s name comes from the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna. However, there are many theories as to why this name has been chosen. Some say it’s because she is nocturnal and doesn’t take flight during the day. Others say it has to do with the shapes on her wings that resemble crescent moons. Luna moths only spend 10 days as a winged adult after almost a year of growth as an egg, larvae then pupa. The life cycle of a Luna moth is believed to symbolize transformation, the brevity of life and new beginnings. They are said to be a reflection of our lives and remind us of how short our time is here. They remind us to make the most of our life and live it to the fullest.

Moths measure approximately 48mm x 42mm.

Size, shape, and color may vary as no two moths are alike.

Rainbow Moonstone Luna Moth Necklace

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