This blend is filled with herbs & minerals that will enhance your personal power, bringing potency to your magick & aid in the commanding of spiritual forces around and within you.


Our trained Witches will take care of all the carving, dressing, and blessing of your candle for you with our Candle Service at The Cauldron Black. Each candle will be worked with the right symbols, herbs, and oils to make sure the energy you wish to bring into your life is just right!! Not sure which kind of candle you need? Add a Condition Candle Consultation onto your order and we will perform a diagnostic reading to determine which type of energy will be most effective and useful for you. Can’t burn the candles in your own home? No worries, purchase our Candle Altar Service and Ceromancy Report for only $15 and our in-house witches will watch and tend to your candle on your behalf.

Power Blessed & Dressed 7-Day Pull Out Candle


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