Porcupine Quill Earrings


The symbol of the Porcupine helps us feel more secure in an insecure world. With this gentle creature accompanying you, you are able to open your vulnerable heart and carry more compassion while still feeling protected. These earrings are created from a naturally shed porcupine quill, meaning no adorable porcupines were harmed in making of these earrings! The quills have been sealed to endure wear and the sharp end has been blunted by a permanent cap. These earrings feature gold-filled fish hook ear wires (rubber backer included), real African porcupine quill (preserved and capped), gold-fill quatrefoil charm and your choice of bead-topper (Pyrite, Labradorite, Rough Herkimer Diamond or Turquoise). Length 5” to 5.5”


*Please note that since the quills are organic material, the color and size of each quill will vary to some degree.