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Alchemically formulated titillating massage oils designed to seduce and stimulate the senses, while simultaneously relaxing and arousing the body, mind, and spirit. Blended in the day and hour of Venus to enhance the potency of the oleum with amorous divinity.


Application: Apply generously for a stimulating and erotic massage.


Ingredients: FCO & Essential Oils (Vetiver, Tonka & Lemon Grass).


Vetiver is a rare essential oil that is extracted from the root of the plant rather than the flowers. It is a known aphrodisiac, and an excellent selection in aromatic blends as a base note and fixative with relaxing sedative properties. It increases the libido naturally acting in different ways in the brain and body. In addition to Vetiver’s aphrodisiac qualities it encourages stimulation of the circulatory system and aids in relieving stiffness and pain from arthritis, rheumatism and muscle cramping. Massage is probably the best way to ensure a deep sense of relaxation and tranquility when using vetiver. Stress seems to disappear, as does anxiety and tension. This oil has an earthy, grounding and stabilizing quality to it, which helps calm “up-rooted” feeling and thus centers one one more into their body. In India vetiver is known as ‘the oil of tranquility’.


Tonka Bean Essential Oil comes from the beans of a tree that grows in South America. It is known to have aphrodisiac characteristics and is used in Hoodoo traditions to help in romance and attract love. It has a sweet subtle fragrance reminiscent of vanilla, caramel and almond.


Lemongrass is native to India and tropical Asia. It is widely used as a herb in Asian cuisine and in teas and tonics. It is also an aphrodisiac that is known to increase sexual desire, increase natural energy, eliminate sexual coldness in relationships, and is a natural antidepressant that aides in the elimination of fatigue and raises ones vitality.


***For external use only.  Avoid if pregnant or nursing.


Size: 4 oz

Oleum Sédúcere

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