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Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, Our Lady of Guadalupe Retablo, Patroness for Suffering and Compassion.

Invoked in General Favors, in Sickness and against Evil, particularly War In 1531, in Mexico, the Virgin Mary appeared to an Indian man, Juan Diego, and asked him to go the bishop and build a chapel to her. As a sign, the Virgin gave Juan roses, though it was winter, and told him to wrap them in his tilma (an outer garment worn by men). As Juan presented these to the bishop, the roses fell to the floor, and there on his tilma was the image of our Lady of Guadalupe.

"Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of perpetual help, you have been blessed and favored of god. We come to you today as your loving children. Watch over us and take care of us. As you held the child Jesus in your arms so take us in your arms. Protect and keep us safe in all we endeavor to do."

Measures - 1 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe - All Favors - Retablo - Pocket Saint

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