As one year ends and another begins we have the opportunity to intentionally craft ritual to infulence the year ahead. Folklore from various cultures around the world approach this in a variety of ways and our master readers will craft custom made ritual enhancements for the year to come based on divination, astrological occurences, folklore and your specific needs and wants. Our readers will also take the time after your reading to help you shop for any additional magical items you may need to prepare for the year ahead. This reading can also be purchased as a phone reading session! We will ship your customized mojo or 7-Day candle to you after your reading (shipping rates apply.)


Each session includes a 30-40 minute Year Ahead Reading, a customized mojo or 7-Day candle based on the results of your reading (construction of your mojo or candle will take appoximately 15-20 minutes) and you will recieve a discounted ticket ($5 admission instead of $20) on the New Year's Public Ritual (to be purchased separately) No Refunds Available Under Any Circumstances.

New Year's Day Year Ahead Reading with Matthew Venus 01/01/2020


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