It’s the first Mercury Retrograde of 2019. During this Retrograde Mercury resides in Pisces, the sign of the dreamy artist. While Mercury Retrogrades usually affect communication, travel, commerce, electronics, and mental clarity, this time around will take on a particularly Piscean vibe that will challenge us creatively, emotionally, and psychically, making life seem more like a dream… or a nightmare. To overcome negative effects, this ritual will help us stay afloat in the fickle waters of Pisces, while facing forward towards resolution of differences and evolution of our spirits.


In order to adjust ourselves and our intentions to the lessons of this Retrograde, we are hosting an open ritual service for the Mercury Retrograde in Pisces on March 5th at 7:00pm. This ritual will include elements of breathwork, visualization, meditation, vibration, and movement. All participants will leave with a candle and charm bag that we will consecrate during the ritual.


If you are unable to attend the ritual, you may still participate! Long-distance customers will be able to enter their names in for petition to be read off during the ritual along with the burning of a blessed candle, and we will provide a link to a secret live-streaming broadcast of the ritual, as well.

Tickets are available through The Cauldron Black Feb. 27th to March 5th. It is $15 pre-register, $25 at door- includes entry to ritual, consecrated Mercury Retrograde in Pisces candle & charm bag Long-distance participation is: $15 per person- includes name and petition to be read aloud during ritual, a candle blessed & burned in your name, and a link to a secret live-streaming broadcast of the ritual, as well. Please leave a note in your online purchase for attendance if you will be attending in person or if you will be a long-distance attendee. 

This ritual takes place March 5th 2019, 7:00pm at The Cauldron Black, 65 Wharf St. Salem, MA 01970. To reserve your spot in the ritual, call (978) 744-2492, visit the shop or online at (tickets only available Feb. 27th to March 5th). Doors will close no later than 7:15 pm, so please arrive early or risk forfeiting your spot to guests on our waiting list. No Refunds Available Under Any Circumstances.

Mercury Retrograde Ritual Service, Tuesday March 6th 7:00pm


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