May 15th has been dedicated to the god Hermes Mercurius since the time of the Ancient Romans, and the entire month of May to his mother, Maia. Join us on this auspicious day, potent toward magical workings of financial prosperity and commerce as we align ourselves towards the energy of Hermes Mercurius in ceremony at The Cauldron Black.


Through ancient intonations of power from the Greek Magical Papyri coupled with meditative stretching and movements based upon the yogic practive of Nick Dickinson, we will attune our mind, body and spirit as we draw down the influences of the god Hermes Mercurius. Our ritual practice will also include working with specially prepared holy water, incense, oils, and candles. Once the intended energy has been built up, we will work our spells of prosperity, healing, etc. and release them into the Universe to be made manifest. 


Attendance is $15 if you pre-register before May 15th. The cost includes attendance, participation, as well as the burning of a petition candle upon the altar of Hermes Mercurius until its completion. If you are unable to attend, but would still like your petition read aloud and a candle burned in your name the cost is $10. To purchase this option please call 978-744-2492.


This event takes place Wednesday May 15th, 2019 at 7:00pm at The Cauldron Black 65 Wharf Street Salem, MA 01970. Please call 978-744-2492 to register for this ritual. No refunds.

Mercuralia: Feast of Hermes Mercurius Wed. 5/15/19 7pm


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