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Mary Magdalene Retablo Patroness of Hairdressers, Contemplatives and Fallen Women


'The Penitent' Feast Day, July 22.


Mary was said to be beautiful and proud, and a notorious sinner. Upon meeting Jesus, she was deeply and profoundly moved by the spirit. Weeping, she washed Jesus' feet with her tears and dried them with her hair and then anointed them with expensive perfume. When he saw the outrage of his disciples, Christ said, "Mary's sins are forgiven her, because she has loved so much." After this experience, Mary humbly served Jesus. She was at the foot of the cross and also the first person to see, hear, and recognize the risen Christ.


"Mary Magdalene, through your wisdom and recognition of Christ you served him tenderly and steadfastly. Through contemplation and service may I too recognize and come to know Christ in the deepest part of my soul."


Measures Approx - 1 1/2" x 3 1/4"

Mary Magdalene - Patron of Fallen Women & Hairdressers - Retablo - Pocket Saint

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