Mars: On Sanguine Pyre - Part I of V: Red Valor Prince of Sweat & Tears

Mars: On Sanguine Pyre - Part I of V: Red Valor Prince of Sweat & Tears

This bundle of five, hour-and-a-half  classes, helps students develop a foundational knowledge of the planet Mars, aka the Lesser Malefic, and: his magical and mytho-poetic role in astrology, his role in your natal chart, his influence as a transiting planet, and both ceremonial and mundane ways of strengthening or softening his influence.  


The first class focuses on understanding Mars’ role within the cosmology of the gods and their influence on earth. We additionally explore his reputation in the Ancient, Medieval, Vedic, and Psychological Astrology traditions, and my personal philosophical ascriptions (focusing on Nietzsche).


The second class looks at Mars’ significations by house, exploring what it means when he occupies angular, succedent, and cadent houses.


Our third class focuses on Mars’ significations by sign: we will make note of where he is in domicile, detriment, and exalted, and how the twelve zodiacal signs influence him, and vice versa.  


The fourth class investigates Mars’ significations by aspect, in particular: how conjunctions, squares, oppositions, trines, and sextiles with other planets, and some notable fixed stars, can manifest within the nativity and by transit. The fourth class also discusses Mars’ Return, Mars as Time-Lord, Mars activation by Annual Profection, and Mars in his service role, vs conquering position.  


The fifth, and final class, pursues magical and mundane paths for remediation and propitiation of Mars, giving students the opportunity to develop a more functional relationship with the Lesser Malefic, and providing various ceremonial and practical techniques for improving rapport, and earning favor.


While the classes may be taken individually, each builds upon the last to teach you how to begin synthesizing the information (i.e. house + sign + aspects = this remediation).  Students are encouraged to submit their own natal chart (in whole sign house system) to be used (anonymously!) as an example in the class, but we will also examine the charts of celebrities and public figures to help see Mars in action.
*Mars as Roman God, and the gods of other cultures who were assigned Mars’ role.
*Mars’ auspices, archetypes, angels, and accoutrements as found in a multitude of astrological grimoires.
*And writing by Lilly, Agrippa, Paracelcus, Dorotheus of Sidon, Rudhyar, Greene, Coppock, Jung, Valens, and more.
*The benefits and boundaries of working with the Lesser Malefic, why he has that title, and whether he is your more