Join Demetrius LaCroix of The New Orleans Chapel of the Santisima Muerte and Matthew Venus of Spiritus Arcanum this full moon at The Cauldron Black as we honor Santa Muerte, the Mexican folk Saint of Death.

Often misunderstood and maligned, Santa Muerte brings forth blessings whilst causing us to contemplate our own mortality and foster our relationship with death. Her following is one which has grown steadily in recent decades and now has devotees throughout the world. She welcomes all people. Both saints an sinners, those high in status and the people of the streets, police officers and drug lords. She hears all prayers, accepts all people as equal, and looks after those who offer her sincere devotion. Afterall, it is to the loving embrace of Santa Muerte that each of us shall return upon our passing.

Our evening begins with an informative discussion exploring the history of Santa Muerte, her different colored robes, and the ways in which she is commonly approached, served, and worked with.

Santa Muerte is approached and served through the lens of Folk Catholicism. Which designates Good Friday as one of her most holy days. As such, we will follow our discussion with a chaplet prayer service in honor of Santa Muerte which will be followed by a community curse breaking ceremony for the benefit of all in attendance.

Each attendee will also receive a chaplet book with prayers to Santa Muerte as well as a washed and blessed rosary for praying the chaplet.

We ask that each attendee please also bring a small offering for Santa Muerte from the list below:
Red Apples
Red Chili Peppers
Red, White, or Black Flowers

As Santa Muerte welcomes all people, we too highly encourage people of all spiritual paths and practices to attend and participate in our honoring of her. Please bear in mind though that the bony lady is first and foremost, a Catholic folk saint and this is the format our chaplet and prayers will take.

April 19th is also the feast day of Saint Expedite and we will be providing a brief service in honor of Saint Expedite following our chaplet service which is open to all attendees.

Attendance fee is $15 for workshop. This class & ritual takes place Friday April 19th, 2019, 7:00pm at The Cauldron Black, 65 Wharf St Salem, MA 01970. Doors will close no later than 7:15pm, so please arrive early or risk forfeiting your spot to guests on our waiting list. No Refunds Available Under Any Circumstances.

In Service of Holy Death-A Workshop & Chaplet in honor of Santa Muerte Fri. 4/19


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