Infuse your home with magic from the ground up! All Madame Phoenix floor washes are made from all natural essential oils and are biodegrade and pet safe.

Happy Home House Blessing is made with a sacred balance of ingredients to bring the five key elements of a happy home- love, peace, communication, health and prosperity. Start making a difference in your home today! Simply wash your home from front to back, moving clockwise through your home to turn a simple chore into a magical act.


Using spiritual floor washes to achieve a specific magical effect has been a tried-and-true staple of the Hoodoo tradition for a long time. Let this magic work for you!


With only 1 tablespoon of wash needed for a whole bucket of rich cleansing bubbly scrub, a bottle of this wash goes a long way.


All Madame Phoenix floor washes are vegan, biodegradable, gentle on the skin and suitable for all bare floor types.


250 ml

Happy Home Floor Wash


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