Hand in the Stars Earrings

Hand in the Stars Earrings


Do you feel that in your creative process you pull ideas down from the void? Manifesting what is meant-to-be through your hands? Whether it is painting, typing, writing, giving a massage, playing an instrument?

Studying Astrology, Tarot, or Palm reading. Creating a painting late at night with other-worldly inspiration, telling someone something that “popped” into your head that you thought they should know…any of the intuitive arts. If you engage in any of these activities, you have your hands in the stars. 

These earrings are ethereally lightweight, feature vintage brass filigree and hand stampings with antique-gold overlay, gold-fill fishhook ear wires (rubber backers included) and choose from either Turquoise or Tourmaline. Length 2.25”



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