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Hag torches are stems of mullein (also called white broth) collected in the Vosges mountains, dried and finally dipped in ethically sourced beeswax. They have been used since Roman antiquity to illuminate funeral rites and are known for their protective properties. They are used in witchcraft for clairvoyance, communication with the Spirits, to honor the deceased during Samhain celebrations.

Practical advice: peel some of the beeswax on the tip to reveal a bit of the stem. Tilt it slightly and hold a flame. It may take a while for the rod to ignite, but once it has caught fire the flame is particularly large. It is indeed a torch and not a candle. It is intended for outdoor use but you can use it indoors as long as you do it in a well-open space and do not leave the torch unattended.

Hag Torch - White

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