Foundations of Folk Magic is a 13 part intensive course on Folk Magic, Hoodoo, and Rootwork hosted through The Cauldron Black

The American magical tradition of Hoodoo (variously known as Rootwork and Conjure) is a unique intersection of influences. Built upon a foundation of West African spiritual and magical practices and those who were forcibly brought to the American South, it has been further informed by Native American herbalism, Jewish mysticism, and European folk traditions. Within the litany of materia, methods, and formulary of Rootwork lives a vibrant tradition of practice which offers a complete catalog of practical magic applicable to everything from Love and Money, to Healing, Protection, Spirit Work, and beyond.


The materials for this type of work are easily acquired, the techniques easily understood, and the practice offers practical and tangible results to any dedicated student who is willing both to learn, and respect the tradition.


In this 5 month course you will receive a minimum of 26 hours of direct coaching and development from Matthew Venus, a professional Rootworker and Magical Apothecary with nearly three decades of experience in Rootwork and the magical arts. By the end of this in-depth 13 session course you will have been trained and certified in a variety of Hoodoo and Folk Magical techniques including:

*The crafting and use of Magical Oils, Incenses, and Powders

*Doll Baby and Poppet Magic

*Graveyard, crossroads, and foot track work

*Candle and Lamp Magic

*Spiritual Baths and Washes

*Spiritual Cleansing and Protection

*Crossing, Uncrossing, and Reversal Magic

*Working with Spirits, Saints,and Ancestors

*Prayer, Petition, and Psalm Magic

*How to craft a Mojo Bag, Jack Ball, and Toby

*The use of Magical Seals

*And much more


Each session will offer an exploration of the history and techniques of various aspects of Folk Magic and Hoodoo, whilst also providing many opportunities for hands on application of the techniques discussed, along with plenty of take home materials.

Upon successfully completion of the course, the homework assignments, and the final examination each student will also receive a certificate of achievement as indicator of the training they’ve received.

All students will also be added to a private Foundations of Folk Magic Forum so that we may foster a collective space for deeper discussion of class concepts and assist each other with further development.

In addition, all students of this course will receive a 13% discount on all items from The Cauldron Black, as well as a 15% discount on all items purchased online from Spiritus Arcanum through the duration of the course.

-Online cost is $400 for those who pre-register before the class.

Otherwise the enrollment fee will be $450 (2 payments of $225.00 one due before first class session, the other due before 4/17 session). Online students will also receive a package by the sixth session of our classes which will contain any materials already made within the previous class sessions as well as materials required for future class sessions. Additionally, online students will receive a few extra surprises, courtesy of Spiritus Arcanum. Domestic shipping is included in the price of the class.


-Class dates and times:

All classes with the exception of the 13th session will take place on Friday evenings from 7:00pm-9:00pm EST. There may be occasions when class run as late as 10:00 EST dependent upon the material presented in a particular session.

*Online students. Though it is ideal that you try to virtually attend during the scheduled session, there will be a recording of the classes made available to enrolled students after the initial session.














*Sunday 08/30 3pm-9pm 3pm-9pm

Final in-person session, Student examination, Commencement and Celebration.


About Matthew Venus:

Matthew Venus is an Artist, Folk Magician, Rootworker, and Witch who has been practicing the magical arts for nearly three decades. Throughout these years his practice has largely been focused upon Magical Apothecary, Hoodoo/Rootwork, various forms of folk magic, and the intersection between both Art and Magic. Matthew has been teaching students the magical arts for over 20 years and is the owner and lead apothecary of Spiritus Arcanum, an online and event based occult shop.


For more info and to register visit

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Foundations of Folk Magic: A Course in Hoodoo and Rootwork, ONLINE REGISTRATION


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