Spirituality as a response to fighting social inequality with Marie Laveau & Mambo Ciceal Faitiman

Spirituality and liberation often happens from the bottom to the top, the most vulnerable of society invest in there safety and spirituality as firstly a tool of empowerment, from this platform of spirituality, social change can be addressed, and in turn slowly the progress to change begins to happen. This is seen in the examples of two powerful women of color in the era of Colonial Louisiana, and Haiti Mambo Ciceal Fatiman(1701-1812) and Madame Marie Laveau(1801-1881) , they had similar means, but resulting in two very different ends, there stories exhibit how these individuals best to used there Spiritual, and Religious positions, and social position to work for the betterment of the people in the volatile years leading to the eventual Bwa Kaimon Ceremony that ignited the Haitian Revolution, and the rapidly changing era of the end of French Louisiana and the beginning of an American Louisiana.

About the Presenter:
Demetrius has dedicated his life to the study of the occult, spirituality and religion of Traditional societies in the ancient and modern world. having studied many forms of traditional belief. From his own upbringing, and later initiation into Haitian Vodou, and Brazilian Quimbanda and other practices and traditions. Demetrius comes from a multicultural background, offering a worldview shaped by his immersion into misunderstood, misrepresented and vilified cultures. Demetrius seeks to present the underrepresented "occult" in an understandable and edifying way.

Cost of Attendance is $20 Pre-register. Cost will be $25 at the door on the day of class.

This class takes place April 20th 2019, 7:00pm at The Cauldron Black, 65 Wharf St. Salem, MA 01970. Doors will close no later than 7:15 pm, so please arrive early or risk forfeiting your spot to guests on our waiting list. No Refunds Available Under Any Circumstances.

Fight social inequality w/ Marie Laveau & Mambo Ciceal Faitiman 4/20/19


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