The use of dolls and effigies in magic traces back to our earliest history. In this workshop we will discuss the historical use of dolls in magic, as well as how we may incorporate them in our personal practice today. Beyond the "voodoo dolls" of horror films, we will discuss the use of poppets and effigies for all manner of spellwork from healing to hexing, as well as how they may be used as spirit houses and devotional objects. Lastly, we will discuss various materials and methods for constructing dolls, and various methods for consecration of dolls for magical purposes.

About the Teacher: Matthew Venus is an artist, witch, writer, and magical apothecary. He is the owner and curator of Spiritus Arcanum, an occult shop which focuses upon quality and handcrafted magical tools and formulas.

Cost for attendance is $25 and class is from 7pm-8:30pm

Effigies: The Use of Dolls in Magic, Saturday May 12th


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