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Copper electroformed Druzy Crescent Moon complete on an 18" soldered copper chain.
Tiny crystals are encapsulated in pure copper. Druzies are formed by nature. The geological process that forms a Druzy, the layer of crystals on the rock, occurs when water brings minerals onto a rock's surface. When the water evaporates, cooling occurs and the minerals are left behind to form crystals on top of the rock. These moons glitter when catching rays of light; 100% natural, 100% spectacular.


Clear Quartz is ruled by Cancer & The Moon and enhances the power of all other stones with it, amplifies personal power, increases protection & psychic ability.

Moons measure approximately 1.5" x 1.0".
Size, shape, and color may vary as no two stones are alike.
The scientific and intricate process used to add layers of lovely copper is called electroforming. This process can be unpredictable and can take hours to days to complete just one wearable. There may be small perfect imperfections in the copper and it may darken over time. Each piece has been cleansed and sealed with you in mind.

Druzy Crescent Moon Necklace

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