Purification is the foundation of effective magic, quickly followed by protection work. Thus, we begin our D.I.Y. series with what will support the rest. In this session, Justice the Wizard will discuss the metaphysical importance of cleansing and banishing space, objects, and people using herbs and their preparations, candles, talismans, as well as introducing you to various saints and spirits that will guard and defend from malicious energy and unwanted conditions. Class is from 7:00pm-8:30pm


Have you ever wanted to learn magic and just Do It Yourself? You’re in luck! During the month of June 2018, Justice the Wizard will be offering a 5-part lecture and workshop series detailing the practical folk magic of both learned tradition and personal experience. Throughout the D.I.Y. Folk Magic Series, participants will learn many types of practices that are concerned with daily life. Divided up by the type of “energy” or “condition” being dealt with, each session will educate you on certain spells, charms, and remedies to be worked in your rites. Each session can be attended independently of the others, but being present during every workshop will bring a more comprehensive understanding of this magical lore and practice. These are hands-on, experiential classes. Cost of attendance is $25.00 each session. Register for all 5 classes at once for only $100.00!! All attendees of any class receive a %13 discount off all merchandise at The Cauldron Black the day of class!

D.I.Y. Folk Magic 1: Purification, Protection, & Preservation, Fri June 1st


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