Cosmic Tea Blend from Bruja Coffee Co.

Cosmic Tea Blend from Bruja Coffee Co.


This tea was blended and charged during the full moon, it was designed to open the 3rd eye and the portal to astral travel and prophetic dreams. It comes in a mason jar to preserve the integrity of the herbs. This tea contains:


  • Blue Lotus: this herb came to be associated with the afterlife and rebirth in Egyptian culture, specifically the Osiris myth. Brought back to life by the assistance of his sister and wife, Isis, Osiris became a symbol of life after death and rebirth through the legacy of Egyptian royalty. Thus, this herb was also considered to be the symbol of royalty and rulers, and indeed many royal accoutrement featured depictions of the flower; King Tutankhamun’s mummy was found covered with dried Blue Lotus flowers when exhumed hundreds of years later.Blue Lotus is bitter, aromatic, and warm energetically. In modern, Western herbalism, it is considered a sedative, febrifuge, aphrodisiac, antidepressant, antioxidant, anti-convulsant, and anti-inflammatory herb. It has been successfully used to purify the blood, treat tuberculosis, expel worms and parasites, relieve edema, enhance libido and treat erectile dysfunction, improve lactation, alleviate anxiety and depression, staunch internal bleeding, and balance blood sugar levels. Blue Lotus has a particular affinity for the kidneys, heart, and nervous system.
  • Rose: eases anxiety and fatigue and aids in lifting your spirits if you are feeling anxious, irritated or even exhausted, rose's nourishing coolness and take the edge off. It is extremely helpful in cooling someone experiencing a 'hot temper'. Antioxidants in rose petals and hips, especially flavonoids, make rose a good tonic for heart health and healthy circulation.
  • Scullcap: is best known for its excellent nervine properties. It is calming and relaxing and can be used in cases of anxiety, insomnia, stress related conditions and anorexia, panic attacks and depression. 
  • Tulsi: the most interesting aspect of the plant’s story is that yogis and spiritual seekers throughout the ages have also been fond of Holy Basil for slightly more esoteric uses. Likely having something to do with its pronounced effects on the nervous system, Tulsi is a powerful bio-energetic field harmonizer, meaning that it restores and balances the subtle electromagnetic fields generated by the mind and body that are becoming increasingly recognized by forward-thinking researchers and physicians as an important factor in human health. In yogic philosophy, the plant is considered to be one of a handful of unique herbs that is able to balance the chakras, which are energy centers in the body with an unusually high concentration of intersecting nerve pathways.
  • Wild Blueberry: wild blueberries are the number one powerhouse food. With immense healing properties, the phytochemicals in these berries act like magnets to attract toxic heavy metals and carry them out of the brain and liver and remove them from the body. 
  • Amaranth: has a long magical history. It was used in the ancient rituals of Central and South America as an offering.   The Aztecs saw it as the most sacred grain, sacred even above corn.  Zuni legends suggest that this plant was brought over from the otherworld.  Wreaths made of Amaranth flowers are said to have healing properties.  The plant is also said to aid in spirits the crossing to the otherworld.
  • Peonies: The main health benefit of peonies is their ability to help heal inflammation, according to traditional Chinese medicine. It has been used in Chinese medicine to treat rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, hepatitis, dysmenorrhea, muscle cramping, spasms and fever. Recent research looking at the anti-inflammatory effects of peonies found that it inhibits the production of prostaglandin E2, which induces fever, and leukotriene B4, which promotes insulin resistance. These flowers also help cells communicate by suppressing the increase of intracellular calcium ion concentration.


About Bruja Coffee Co.:

Bruja Coffee Co. is a Latina and Woman owned organic small batch artisan coffee, ceremonial cacao and medicinal tea company that uses traditional roasting techniques.  Even the world’s finest coffee has humble beginnings:

First, it’s handpicked and harvested from coffee trees, then sorted, fermented, dried, and finally roasted. It’s the care that goes into each of these steps that sets a decent cup apart from an incredible one. With this in mind, Bruja Coffee Co. sources beans from only the highest-quality producers and makes sure that each bag of our coffee contains a perfectly-balanced, richly flavored blend with a smooth finish and unfor