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In Celtic Christianity & Loricae: The magical foundations of Celtic protection prayers, Christy Millar Grattan introduces a form of Celtic protection prayer which can be very useful to the magician: the Lorica.


Included is a discussion on the context of Early Irish Christianity, addressing some common misconceptions and showing that far from being an insular culture, Ireland was in dialogue with broader European magical currents. Grattan attempts to show how the Loricae represent a distinctly Celtic example of the Christianisation of magical practice most notably exemplified in the grimoires, while providing a cultural lens which may prove useful for practitioners who struggle with the Christian dimensions of grimoire magic. Finally, he cites an analysis of the structure of these Loricae, so that the reader can compose their own.


12 page pamphlet

Celtic Christianity & Loricae: The Magical Foundations of Celtic protection...

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