Join us in our Spirit Parlor at The Cauldron Black for a ritual intended to cleanse and strengthen our personal light turning with the wheel as the Sun and Land do the same. As a participant you will undergo spiritual purification by water, smoke, oil, fire, and sound. At the conclusion of the ritual, you will leave with a blessed and dressed candle to carry your magical intentions into your home.

February inherited its etymology by way of the Latin "Februa," a festival of purification and spring cleaning, which is from where we derive our main rite. The later Roman Catholic feast, Candlemas, observed the sacred event of the Holy Mother presenting the infant Christ to the Temple by cleansing and blessing, as mother and child were cleansed, all of the liturgical candles for the year. Here in our rite of dual faith, we observe the Sun, born after the Winter Solstice, presented at the Temple of the Earth to cleanse the Land and Her People as a promise of the strengthening Light.

Space is limited to 15 participants. Pre-registration cost is $20, admission at the door is $25 if space allows.

Candlemass: A Feast of Light Friday February 1st 7:00pm


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