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One copper electroformed Blue Kyanite Serpent on an 18” antique copper chain.

Throughout history, serpents have been regarded as a symbol of good and evil across different cultures and religions. These powerful creatures were feared and respected, having a wide array of symbolic meanings. The Egyptians regarded serpents as a protective symbol of the pharaohs. The moon goddess Isis, is depicted as half human, half serpent. She was considered to be the protector of children and women, wielding healing powers. Unearthed from North Carolina, Blue Kyanite is said to encourage communication and self-expression. It is said to aid in cutting through fears and blockages, helping to speak one's truth, useful for public speakers and performers as it strengthens the voice.

Serpent pendants measure approximately 1.75” x 1.0". Size, shape, color and pattern vary as no two stones and carvings are alike.

Blue Kyanite Serpent Necklace

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