Baba Yaga Roast from Bruja Coffee Co.

Baba Yaga Roast from Bruja Coffee Co.

Baba Yaga is associated with the dark forests, death, rebirth, sickness, dying, but also healing, renewal, sage wisdom and advice that comes from experience and a long life.
Her wise grandmother energy is strict and harsh, but for your own well being.


She’s the grandmother to whack you with a wooden spoon when you misbehave, give bitter tasting medicine to make you feel better, tell you to “buck up” when you wallow in self-pity, but all the while teaching you to be independent and self-sustaining to stand on your own two feet.


She’s not quite of this world or the next, and is in between the worlds – a sense of something heavy, but sweet in the air of forests and dark nights.
The beans come from a woman run farm in Peru called La Orquídea, it is a Medium roast.T his coffee is roasted in a cast iron pot with alder, yew and tobacco leaves. Has notes of molasses, dark chocolate and vanilla. Made during the full moon. 16oz/1 pound.


About Bruja Coffee Co.:

Bruja Coffee Co. is a Latina and Woman owned organic small batch artisan coffee, ceremonial cacao and medicinal tea company that uses traditional roasting techniques.  Even the world’s finest coffee has humble beginnings:

First, it’s handpicked and harvested from coffee trees, then sorted, fermented, dried, and finally roasted. It’s the care that goes into each of these steps that sets a decent cup apart from an incredible one. With this in mind, Bruja Coffee Co. sources beans from only the highest-quality producers and makes sure that each bag of our coffee contains a perfectly-balanced, richly flavored blend with a smooth finish and unforgettable aroma. Flavors that suit your sophisticated coffee lovers.