Join us for an exclusive Q&A panel on the topic of living a magickal life. The panel itself will be lead by Salem resident Justice the Wizard, Rev. Jacqui Allousie-Roberge, proprietrix of The Cauldron Black with speaking guests including Matthew Venus, owner of Spiritus Arcanum, Elizabeth Autumnalis, owner of Hawthorn & Rose and Rev. Jonathan Sousa. Main points of discussion will be focused on topics such as “Magic as an Artform,” “Magical Ecology,” “Devotion and Service to the Spirits,” and much more. After the discussion, 30 minutes will be open to the audience to ask genuine questions about what its like to live every day as a Witch. Please register ahead of time as space is limited! This event is from 8:00pm-9:00pm in The Spirit Parlor at The Cauldron Black.

“Ask a Witch”- Q&A panel on the Magickal Life Sunday October 21st


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