Water is perhaps the most nurturing of the Four Elements to be celebrated. We speak of birth in terms of our mother's waters breaking. Such a powerful Elemental force can of course wreck ships upon its crashing waves, or be the quenching draught that refreshes the wanderer in the desert. Fundamentally, Water fosters all the life of the heart, from the most hopeful and gentlest of sentiments, to the most overwhelming and drowning of passions.


When considering Water's magics, we can most obviously think of works of spiritual washing and bathing, from cleansing uncrossings and invigorating restoratives to boiling decoctions of root, bark, bud, and flower and floor-washes to attract prosperity, peace, and new opportunities. These certainly are potent techniques in the magical practitioner's toolkit. Yet Water also has a whole range of mysteries to teach, from various visionary works of scrying in water-bowls or the play of light on the ocean's rippling tides, to cultivating the moistures of the four elemental humours themselves to regulate good health, happiness, and harmony.


From considering especially calm people to be phlegmatic to designating those too easily swayed by emotion wet, our figurative language holds fossilised humoural theory at its core when considering emotional experience and expression. All those who stir magic can benefit from understanding their emotions - whether for refining and diving deeper into our dream-work, or for developing more subtle perception of the movements and influences of spirit contact and communion, or even for empowering spell-craft through ecstatic trance and visionary movement. Our sense of the flow of our hearts and our feelings are crucial for the embodied practitioner. Water has incredibly significant perspectives to offer on how we feel, how we can cultivate and harness our passions in our ritual operations of magic, and how we apprehend our passions and share them with others. A capable sorcerer understands both their own microcosm and how to cause change in themselves as well as the world they occupy.


Finally, Watery spirits such as undines have much sorcery to teach us: from how to flow and surf the tides of time and chance; how to crash upon and erode obstacles; and how to stir and pour forth the deeply sorcerous faculties of the imagination.


IN PERSON REGISTRATION ONLY - Class begins at 7PM, space is limited. This class is 18+. No refunds or exchanges.

Advanced Elemental Magic for Beginners: Water, Sat. 5/9/20 7PM IN-PERSON


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