In the first of our series delving deeply into elemental magic, we discuss Fire - the light-giver, the bringer of heat, the furnace-force of bakery and conflagration alike. Fire can both warm and burn; can kindle fresh energetic sparks, inflame the passions, forge our wills with steely resolve, and reduce obstacles down to ashes. It teaches of undying flames, of burning desire, as well as of both hot-headedness and courage in the darkness.


We will learn about the great fire elementals, the Salamanders: who they are, where they can be found, and crucially how they can be worked with. We will delve into some of the practical techniques of humoural theory - from how to balance and regulate our choleric tempers and temperaments with foods and drinks, colours, actions, interpersonal relations, and our very passions themselves. And we will learn meditative gestures, prayers of alignment and focus, and operative modalities of spell-craft: from a variety of ways to make and boost the efficacy of candle spells, fire-bowls, lamps, lanterns, and many more tricks and tools.


This class us taught by professional diviner, consultant sorcerer, and historian of magic Dr Alexander Cummins, whose doctoral research focused on humoural theory and the elements, and whose own professional practice extensively incorporates such theory with practicable planetary and geomantic magic. It is, as the name suggests, open to all - from complete beginners to seasoned elemental magicians and witches - and seeks to offer all students tips and tricks to further their most fundamental of magical practices.


ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY - Class begins at 7PM, space is limited. This class is 18+. No refunds or exchanges.

Advanced Elemental Magic for Beginners: Fire, Sat. 3/7/20 7PM ONLINE


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