Earth is perhaps simultaneously the most mysterious yet most practical of the classical Four Elements to explore. Such a mighty Elemental force is the very basis for the planet upon which we live: it is the nature of Nature itself, bringing forth myriad forms of life, stabilising, grounding, and feeding. Earth both gently pushes up crops for us to eat, and throws down avalanches that decimate. Fundamentally, it is often linked to the mysteries of matter itself, and the heaviness and solidity of existence and reality, providing bodies to abstract energies and spirits.


When considering Earth's magics, we might most obviously think of the green-crafts of working roots, herbs, and other botanicals, which certainly are potent medicines and banes for the magical practitioner to utilise. Yet Earth also has a treasury of other spell-crafts to impart to us, from the employment of stones, crystals and minerals to contain, direct, and radiate occult virtues and effects, to gathering the very soils themselves from sites of power bolster sorcerous operations, and from making ritual offerings of foods to cohering talismans to house spirits.


When we call a reliable person the salt of the earth we are once more asserting the dependability, security, and groundedness of the elemental might of Earth. Such ideas are expressed well in pre-modern humoural theory, and can afford us magical practitioners ways of moderating the extremes of emotional and spiritual experience and expression, teaching us the deep metaphysical values and capabilities of silence and stillness. The Earthy humour itself is melancholia, offering us a vast depth of understanding and power concerning deep cogitation, genius, and the lessons to be gleaned in the Dark Night of the Soul, as well as the ways in which we can moderate and minimise our sorrows through maintenance of the kingdoms of our bodies. A good sorcerer understands both their own microcosm and how to cause change in themselves as well as the world they occupy.

Finally Earthy spirits such as gnomes have much sorcery to teach us, from works of stability, endurance, and fortification, to the secrets of stones, and from the treasures that can be mined from our own depths and brought into the light, to the value and strength of unity, family, and teamwork.


ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY - Class begins at 7PM, space is limited. This class is 18+. No refunds or exchanges.

Advanced Elemental Magic for Beginners: Earth, Sun. 6/7/20 7PM ONLINE


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