Advanced Elemental Magic for Beginners: Air!


Air is perhaps the subtlest of the classical Four Elements to be analysed. It is of course the literal basis by which living breathing creatures exist, and the medium by which speech, music, and all other sensory stimuli reach us. Such an over-arching Elemental force can of course carry sweetly scented aromas or sweep away supposedly secure surroundings with gale force winds. Fundamentally, Air is of course utterly interwoven with concepts of 'spirit' - to breath is to respire, to draw in influence or realisation and be moved to create is to receive inspiration.


When considering Air's magics, we can most obviously think of works of suffumigation, in which pleasing and aptly envirtued incense is offered, a powerful technique of consecration, empowerment and cleansing. Yet Air also has a myriad of other sorcerous applications, ranging from purifying the blood and body, to quickening the mind, sweetening the tongue, and uplifting us from melancholic sorrows with sanguine affability.


From mannerisms of speech and conduct considered airily to judging someone full of hot air, we often conceive of certain forms of communication as themselves Airy too. Such ideas have their basis in pre-modern humoural theory, and can afford us magical practitioners ways of cultivating amiable enthusiasm and interpersonal sociability as well as moderating red-blooded lust, and otherwise contemplating the life of the Mind in a way that soothes and directs attention with gentle and compassionate self-discipline. A capable sorcerer understands both their own microcosm and how to cause change in themselves as well as the world they occupy.


Finally, Airy spirits such as sylphs have much sorcery to teach us: from how to bend and dance in high winds, to how to breathe fresh life into our projects and endeavours.


IN PERSON REGISTRATION ONLY - Class begins at 7PM, space is limited. This class is 18+. No refunds or exchanges.

Advanced Elemental Magic for Beginners: Air, Thurs. 4/16/20 7PM IN PERSON


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