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Archived Classes - J.M. Hamade

J.M. Hamade is a talismanic artist, florist, diviner, writer, and educator, currently residing in New York City. Specializing in various traditions of 'Image Magic', with a focus on astrology, star lore, and talismanic craftmanship, his work seeks to bridge contemporary aesthetics with time tested magical techniques rooted in astrological magic.


Possesing a keen interest in craft, he has apprenticed in the ways of butchery, the funerary arts, and most recently the art of floristry. To this he has also received a BFA in Printmaking with a focus in the arts of metal engraving, intaglio, and works emphasizing etching and line. He currently offers courses as well as divination on those related subjects through The Cauldron Black. His blog, his contact, and his news can be found at

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