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-Anne bodenham-

Anne Bodenham was an early modern English unsung grimoirist, magician, and speculatrix know as 'the cunning woman of Wiltshire', who eventually met her death in 1653 at the wrong end of a witchcraft accusation.


Anne was professional magician with a successful practice in service to her community, she taught children to read, used her divination methods to identify thieves, used her magic to break curses, and prescribed planetary prayers, charms, and other remediations for protection, wealth and health.

It was said that Anne was taught magic by the Devil himself when book-learning would take her no further; who conjured ragged spirits from her diabolical tome inked in blood and who practiced the despised "Old Religion"


Anne was a strong, passionate woman and former student of infamous necromancer Dr John Lambe, who boasted she knew better than the best doctors and had more in her art than the seventeenth-century's most famous astrologer William Lilly.

-Written by Dr Alexander Cummins for The Mighty Dead Class Series: Anne Bodenham, Cunning-Woman

The Mighty Dead Class Series - Anne Bodenham, Cunning-Woman

with Dr Alexander Cummins


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